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  Its the right time to 

Optimise YOUR Wellness

its your time ...


living your life with more energy, vitality and

vibrant connection

Nurturing your Wellbeing is no longer a luxury

It's now a necessity


Our Retreat offerings, (Day, Adventure or Corporate) are your "soft landing" into a nourishing space of relaxation and rejuvenation for mind, body and soul


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Jo Love Woman being free   Woman on beach  Womens Retreat  Womens freedom  Woman in the wind  Wind in womans hair  Beach  Feet in sand  Beautiful dress  Woman on beach in beautiful dress  Red Dress  Wind in hair  Remote Beach  Self Care  Self Care routine   Womens Retreat


Is it time to make yourself the centrepiece of your own life for a day? 

Come take your foot off the pedal, dial it back and dose up on nourishment! 

If a full day of "you time" indulgence sounds good,

rest assured ... it feels

even better!

Self Love practice ...

medicine for your soul! 

Jo Love Spa  Self Care routine   Footspa  Retreat  Self Care Retreat Weekend Retreat  Day Retreat  Self Care Adventure  Foot Bath

Pamper & Adventure

So much more than just a holiday.  Receive luxurious "pamper time" to nourish, restore and rejuvenate your vitality ... and add a dash of adventure to keep you uplifted and inspired. Connective, grounding and soul-filling, these Retreats are truly special.

The art of self love is life changing.  

The practice of self love is wisdom.

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