with whats most important to you

Because You deserve to love Your journey 

                                                                  Unfolding and exploring your unique expression, creativity,

                                                                  joy and freedom is truly the juice of life. 


                                                                  This is a sanctuary of "you time" inspirations and tools

                                                                  to support your personal nourishment and to create and

                                                                  nurture opportunities for you to feel good.

                                                                 Wellness & Rejuvenation Inspirations 

                                                     Creative Retreats

                                                     Short Break Wilderness Escapes

                                                     Online Programs

                                                                  We'll explore elements of ancient culture, natural spaciousness,

                                                                  creativity, deep relaxation and self care practices to support

                                                                  your 'feel good' and expansion.

                                                                  Learn to Love Your Journey again ... because you're worth it.




Day Retreats


Our Day Retreats make it easy for you to have the break and refreshment you deserve, one day at a time.


You'll immerse in a pristine natural environment as you're guided through programs that offer uplifting self love practices, mini wellness workshops, meditation, breath work, forest immersion, while having opportunities to make beautiful soulful connections as you go    Next Day Retreat Package coming soon - July 23, 2022

Click here for details Day Retreat

Herb Infused Oils

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A Woman's capacity to share her deepest beauty and purest love with the world, is at its greatest when she first offers  Love 

to herself.   

Jo Love             

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