Creating space to Re-connect

with whats most important to you

Because You deserve to love Your journey 

Unfolding and exploring your unique expression, creativity,

joy and freedom is truly the juice of life. 


This is a sanctuary of "you time" inspirations and tools

 to support your personal nourishment and to create and nurture

opportunities for you to feel good.


                         Wellness & Rejuvenation Inspirations 

                   Creative Retreats

                   Short Break Wilderness Escapes

                   Online Programs

We'll explore elements of ancient culture, natural spaciousness, creativity, deep relaxation and self care practices to support your 'feel good' and expansion.

Do this for you ... you're worth it



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Day Retreats

Its not always easy to get away for days or weeks, but that doesn't mean you should miss out on a Retreat experience right?   


Our Day Retreats make it easy for you to have the break and refreshment you deserve.    Be wrapped in a pristine natural environment as you're guided through a gentle day of uplifting practices and mini workshops including meditation, breath work, forest immersion and connection. 

Check out July 2022 Retreat Package ... Click here Day Retreat

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Whats on  ...

More coming soon!

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A Woman's capacity to share her deepest beauty and purest love with the world, is at its greatest when she first offers 

Love to herself.   

Jo Love             

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