Love Your Journey

Sublime destinations, soul nourishing activities, unique wilderness escapes

and our online programs

promise to re-ignite your sense of inspiration.

Refreshing your connection to the planet,  to others and most importantly, to yourself.    

Your chance to breathe, resonate … and just be.

If you want to fall more in love with YOUR journey ... this is for you x



The Experience

Love Your Journey offers women a range of experiences that nurture, nourish and rejuvenate

senses and soul.

Your space to Be and to Become.

Creative Retreats, Wellness and Rejuvenation Inspirations ...


 are designed to speak to a woman's heart. 

Your Heart.

The art of learning to Love Your Journey is a precious process.

When modern life has you spinning, this is your chance to reconnect to what is important to you.


We explore elements of ancient culture, spaciousness and connection,

passions and creativity, deep relaxation -  here you'll begin to Love Your Journey again.

In the spaces of wilderness, flavours of culture, good company and the excitement of adventure ... 

we find the freedom to "be" and to "become".

And that is a gift.

  So come as you are ... 




I was raised in beautiful Aotearoa, New Zealand - the land of the long white cloud, 

a deep rich heritage of Maori culture and the first country in the world to give women the right to vote.


I am a proud daughter of Ngati Kahungunu and Irish ancestry.

 I was a shy little girl but with a curiosity for life always bubbling away underneath ... 

I am fascinated by people and places.The "experience" of life lights me up. 

And creating beautiful uplifting spaces for women to share life - well thats my passion!

I never imagined I would walk through the Wilderness in Africa,  

or do a photo shoot in Venice.

Or listen to dreamtime stories under a night sky in the desert sands

nor swim in the magical waters of the Bellingen Promised Land.


But I'm grateful these are some of the pages of my story.​ 

And I acknowledge the walk of my family (whanau) before me,

whose compelling vision for the future has allowed me to walk my journey

- with freedom in my heart.

Every adventure, big or small, starts with the first step.

Saying yes is powerful.

If you'd like to Love Your Journey a little more 

I want you to know,  you're invited ...

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