Astrid Jacobs



               Life Purpose Mentor

         Guest Presenter - Down Under Tour

Imagine living from a deep level of trust.   Knowing that nothing can ever really go wrong.

In this light session, we’ll explore your true nature. You’ll gain an extraordinary understanding of how life works and what creates your unique experience of life. With this understanding you’ll be able to tap into the deeper intelligence beyond all life and access to your natural wisdom.


You’ll be able to gently release feelings of tension and stress, connect with a greater sense of ease and hone in on your innate guidance. There’s no need to excavate past traumatic experiences, or ‘work through unresolved issues’.  You’ll come to your very own realization that there’s nothing to fix and you were never broken, as you wake up to the true magnificence of life.


It will be immensely liberating to come home to the natural well being that is your essence. You’ll leave with a calmer mind, a feeling of lightness and possibility as well as a natural state of inner peace.  One that you can return to at all times, because it is your nature.

Welcome home beautiful!