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Highly highly recommend spending time with these beautiful women, not only an uplifting day but filled with love, care, respect and the tools to unpack and let go of the heaviness we all carry around with us in this thing called life! All set amongst a tropical oasis, which in itself is relaxing but combine that with the rest of the days activities u leave feeling like a new woman!! The best 'ME TIME' I've ever spent!!! Thank you so much xx

Renee D   January 2023

The retreat was exactly what I needed. It was the most incredibly beautiful day.

It was filled with such beautiful practices, meditation, yoga nidra, blind folded dancing and the most incredible experience in a women’s circle. It promoted such a safe environment and a feeling of togetherness/ support and strength.

There was no judgment, just a room full of beautiful souls taking time for themselves to fill their cups.  I left with my head clear, heart full and such a sense of peace and calm.

Thank you to the amazing team.  You kept thanking us for giving you our time, but thank you for creating this beautiful space for us xx    I can’t wait for the next one 😊

Dee R   October 2022

A blissful, comforting and soothing respite from the hustle of everyday life and the traffic in your mind.  Having attended two Day Retreats I cannot recommend the experience highly enough.  The only part I would change would be a longer stay, and I am now counting down to the next weekend Retreat.  I loved every part of the offerings, from guided powerful meditation, creative activities, allowing open and safe self expression, and the lessons on how to include self care into my daily routine.  I often give so much to others and feel unworthy of giving to myself.  I am so glad I chose this Retreat, I always leave feeling empowered, nurtured and WORTHY.  Thank you Jo for sharing your soul, your passion and your heart.  I look forward to attending your next beautiful creation.

Samantha M   October 2022

I have now been lucky enough to attend two of Jo's retreats.  They are wonderful. The sense of self and calmness that you leave with is priceless.    Thank you Jo and all of your team for giving me this day.

Taryn R   October 2022

I was fortunate enough to attend Jo's  retreat and cannot wait for next time. There was such a feeling of love and care throughout the whole day.  From the heartfelt sharing, the beautiful thoughtful & thought provoking practices and the food provided was delicious. 

I came away with a renewed passion of just how important caring for yourself is in our busy world. I cannot recommend enough taking this time for you.  You'll love it.

Natalie K   October 2022

Thanks Jo for a lovely relaxing day, was great to spend the day with a group of women all there wanting to take the time out to look after ourselves, sharing some laughs along the way.  A very special experience, loved the blindfolded dancing!

Wendy D  October 2022

Such a beautiful day to share with my daughter, thank you to everyone involved for making such a special safe and caring environment.

Patricia G    August 2022

Jo thank you for giving me such a wonderful day full of great self-love practices. I enjoyed the meditation sessions, being in a safe,  sacred circle of like-minded women, the 5-rhythms dance session, the sound bath, the immersion forest walk, the 15 minute massage, and the food! Your co-facilitators were very professional and full of tips, hints and other practices. 

Christine C    July 2022

This was a nourishing day of self-care which included meditations, dance/movement offerings, massage and yummy food. It was so refreshing to be in a safe space with other women on the same self-love journey. Thankyou Jo for your warmth and wisdom.

Jo M    July 2022

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