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Truly magical experience! Everyone needs to treat themselves to these amazing retreats. Bringing women together and embracing the love. My heart felt so full after this wonderful experience. Highly recommend! AAA++   Tanisha J June 2023

Fantastic day retreat. Everything was perfect and the facilitators amazing. A tranquil, safe and relaxing setting. I will definately recommend and be back.  Jenelle Z July 2023

I couldn't fault the Jo Love Your Journey Day Retreat. If you need a day to reset, prioritise yourself and having some much needed energising and relaxing surrounded by beautiful people - then I would highly recommend the retreats. Jo is a genuinely kind soul and you won't regret spending a day with her. Rebecca M July 2023

If you're looking for some relaxing you time, a bit of peace and calm plus connection with other souls - join Jo as she transports you on a beautiful journey that will have you floating home.  Mandy S July 2023

What a feast for the heart and soul!! I so needed this! My retreat to Bali in June was such a beautiful time of relaxation, laughter and new (and now cherised) experiences. Thank you Jo for taking me on a journey where I could focus on me and refill my cup. You have a way about you that is so inspiring and energetic - much love beautiful lady xxx   Krystal P July 2023

I attended the one day retreat and it was the most amazing day-long break you could ever hope for. Jo and Taryn created such a beautiful safe welcoming space where I could let go of the busyness of daily life and refocus on where i find joy in life. It felt like a day long blessing. Totally worth it.  Janine F Aug 2023

I've had the amazing opportunity to join Jo at two of her retreats this year. I have left at the end of each retreat feeling empowered, rejuvenated, and infinately more connected to myself and the people around me. Jo is an incredibly gifted facilitator who creates an atmosphere of trust and safety that allows you to explore your inner vulnerabilities, your strengths, your gifts and your potential for healing and transformation. I highly recommend for anyone seeking personal growth and healing.  Josie R  June 2023

Having recently experienced Jo's Self Love Day Retreat I cannot express the words of gratitude for this nurturing, grounding & loving experience. The moment I walked in I was blanketed in love and kindness. This experience has helped me recover and discover what nourishes my soul and what brings me joy. Self care is not negotiable, we need to care enough about ourselves and make room for this in our life. I highly recommend that you reach out to Jo and speak with her about Retreats, I invite you to choose YOU. xx  Chandra A May 2023

I attended my second Day Retreat with Jo, Taryn and Natalie this weekend. A very happy day, a very emotional day but loveliest of all a very friendly day. I arrived with a friend, met up with friends and left having made connections with new friends. Surely one could not ask for more? The message I think I want to leave is, don't worry if you arrive alone ... you'll walk into a welcoming and loving space, as we all have.  J Lyndsay July 2023

I recently attended Jo Love's Self Care Day Retreat and thoroughly enjoyed the day.  The setting with its beautiful gardens along with a variety of meditation practices provided a perfect space for introspection and relaxation.  The attentive and knowledgeable staff ensured that our day was a very enjoyable and memorable one.  Thank you for a wonderful experiwnce.  Miriam G  July 2023

I booked Jo Love's Self Care Day Retreat as a means to escape and recoup before bringing another child into the world.  It was just what I needed and I walked away feeling refreshed and ready.  The retreat provided a safe space for women to meditate, share experiences, be vulnerable and remind us how important it is to look after ourselves and most importantly, love ourselves.  I couldn't recommend the Retreat anymore, it was an amazing experience.  Sophia G   July 2023

When women come together it is so sacred. At the Day Retreat we gave each other permission to BE. No judgement, nothing but love.  A beautiful space was held for each and everyone of us. It was refreshing to feel such love, encouragement, warmth, collectively. We meditated, we flowed, we danced, we let our guards, walls and armour down, & we rejoiced in being Woman. Every woman had their own reasons for coming - whether stop and reset, or to fall in love with themselves again, to invite a different perspective, to stretch themselves.  It was all perfect and these intentions were met with unconditional love.  I'm excited for whats to come! Watch this space!  D'Neill G  July 2023

I did something special on the weekend. I went with a group of women in my online community to attend a Day Retreat in beautiful Laurieton. I haven't done a lot of meditation in my life, I have found it very difficult to quieten my mind and concentrate - but what a brilliant experience.  There was a group of 20 of us - a gathering of women getting together sharing space and being vulnerable.  Thats something I don't think theres enough of done.  As Jo explained to us, Womens Circles have been ingrained in cultures for thousands of years. Talking, cooking, weaving - a Circle Gathering has an amazing strength in itself.  Women can open up and share their stories if they choose to.   I am so so grateful to the women I went with, to the women I met, to the beautiful ladies running the Retreat and I so look forward to going again.  I so encourage anyone who is thinking about doing this, to try something new!  Its quite liberating!  Narda L  July 2023

I'm home from a wonderful weekend in Laurieton.  I was with the girls in the business and we went to a Day Retreat.  I didn't know what to expect.  I've tried yoga I've tried meditation before, my mind just would never switch off and enjoy the experience.  So I went there with an open heart and an open mind and it made me realise how far I've come. Sharing a little insight, I did have PTSD for quite a number of years and I did receive a lot of counselling, did a lot of growth within myself and have now found that I'm at a place where my mind can switch off.  I can enjoy those things. So it was a real eye opener to me of how far I've come in my journey.  So its only going to get better.  Just being able to now move forward and enjoy those times where my mind can just switch off.   Tracey F  July 2023

I truly had the best time at Jo's retreat! It was the most relaxing, yet empowering experience. Jo and her team go above and beyond to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

Jo creates a safe space to share stories, be vulnerable and connect with other women.

If you're needing to switch off, reset and relax, Jo's retreats are the perfect option for you.

Cannot recommend the experience highly enough!  Aleesha F  July  2023

Thank you Jo and your team of amazing women for such a special day at your retreat. It was a much needed reset for me and I came away feeling energised and at peace. Taking time for myself is not something I do often, but this retreat showed me the power and importance of doing just that. I absolutely recommend Jo's days to anyone who puts their own priorities way down the list. You deserve to be right up the top of that list. 

self care    prioritise yourself   just be you   thank you.    Lisa A July 2023

Highly highly recommend spending time with these beautiful women, not only an uplifting day but filled with love, care, respect and the tools to unpack and let go of the heaviness we all carry around with us in this thing called life! All set amongst a tropical oasis, which in itself is relaxing but combine that with the rest of the days activities u leave feeling like a new woman!! The best 'ME TIME' I've ever spent!!! Thank you so much xx  Renee D  January 2023

The retreat was exactly what I needed. It was the most incredibly beautiful day.  It was filled with such beautiful practices, meditation, yoga nidra, blind folded dancing and the most incredible experience in a women’s circle. It promoted such a safe environment and a feeling of togetherness/ support and strength.There was no judgment, just a room full of beautiful souls taking time for themselves to fill their cups.  I left with my head clear, heart full and such a sense of peace and calm.Thank you to the amazing team.  You kept thanking us for giving you our time, but thankyou for creating this beautiful space for us xx    I can’t wait for the next one.  Dee R   October 2022

I was fortunate enough to attend Jo's  retreat and cannot wait for next time. There was such a feeling of love and care throughout the whole day.  From the heartfelt sharing, the beautiful thoughtful & thought provoking practices and the food provided was delicious.  I came away with a renewed passion of just how important caring for yourself is in our busy world. I cannot recommend enough taking this time for you.  You'll love it.  Natalie K   October 2022

I have now been lucky enough to attend two of Jo's retreats.  They are wonderful. The sense of self and calmness that you leave with is priceless.  Thank you Jo and all of your team for giving me this day. Taryn R October 2022 

A blissful, comforting and soothing respite from the hustle of everyday life and the traffic in your mind.  Having attended two Day Retreats I cannot recommend the experience highly enough.  The only part I would change would be a longer stay, and I am now counting down to the next weekend Retreat.  I loved every part of the offerings, from guided powerful meditation, creative activities, allowing open and safe self expression, and the lessons on how to include self care into my daily routine.  I often give so much to others and feel unworthy of giving to myself.  I am so glad I chose this Retreat, I always leave feeling empowered, nurtured and WORTHY.  Thank you Jo for sharing your soul, your passion and your heart.  I look forward to attending your next beautiful creation. Samantha M  Oct 2022

Thanks Jo for a lovely relaxing day, was great to spend the day with a group of women all there wanting to take the time out to look after ourselves, sharing some laughs along the way.  A very special experience, loved the blindfolded dancing!  Wendy D October 2022

Such a beautiful day to share with my daughter, thank you to everyone involved for making such a special safe and caring environment. Patricia G   August 2022

Jo thank you for giving me such a wonderful day full of great self-love practices. I enjoyed the meditation sessions, being in a safe,  sacred circle of like-minded women, the 5-rhythms dance session, the sound bath, the immersion forest walk, the 15 minute massage, and the food! Your co-facilitators were very professional and full of tips, hints and other practices. Christine C  July 2022

This was a nourishing day of self-care which included meditations, dance/movement offerings, massage and yummy food. It was so refreshing to be in a safe space with other women on the same self-love journey. Thankyou Jo for your warmth and wisdom.  Jo M  July 2022

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