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Mother Blessing Ceremony

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Mother Blessing

A Mother Blessing Ceremony is a Celebration of the special and sacred journey to Motherhood.   Differing from a Baby Shower, a Mother Blessing is all about nurturing and uplifting our beautiful Mama to Be!   A contemporary inspiration from the traditional Navaho Indian "Blessingway", the Mother Blessing Ceremony celebrates, acknowledges and empowers mama to be as she walks this life changing event.

Gathering her most precious and intimate circle, together we create a precious and loving Ceremony that she will remember for a lifetime.  Pampering, affirming words and messages and/or symbolic traditional blessings such as Red Thread, Candles and Beads are offered to create an atmosphere of love, trust and safety to surround her.

Our Mothers Blessing Ceremony is the perfect way to bless and love, appreciate and affirm Women as they walk this hugely important life transition.

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