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My name is Jo Love and I'm excited to welcome you here! 

You're here because you sense its time to be inspired, curious

and creative about your own life!  And you're right, its your time.

Its my heart to gather women in safe spaces to nourish, and 

allow creativity, fun and playfulness to unfold and flow.


Make a commitment to yourself.  

Come to Love YOUR Journey.  You are worth it.

Jo x

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White rose

My Story

If you have a question or enquiry, I would love to connect with you

I was born in New Zealand, Aotearoa - land of the long white cloud and an intrinsic Maori Culture. 

First country in the world to give women the right to vote, endorsing 3 female Prime Ministers since.


I am a proud daughter of Ngati Kahungunu and Irish ancestry and I grew in the arms of courage and love.  Although by many standards a humble beginning, when you sit at your whanau (family) table and know that you belong, your life is already rich beyond measure.  Later when Australia became home, her warm spirited people and abundance of opportunity embraced me also.  I was blessed.

From a shy country girl, I would become a successful Recruiter and live my dream to travel the world.  I married, had kids and later divorced.  Through it all, my most important journey was being a mother.  As a working sole parent, like so many others, I faced tests of resilience, frustration and exhaustion, yet the love of my children always inspired me to keep looking up, to be more, to grow.


So when they left home, it was time to find new inspiration.  I had to ask myself some serious questions.  Who was I outside the borders I knew so well?   I became super curious about what life could look like for me.  It was exciting to begin to explore again.    


It quenched a thirst in me.​


​​Every adventure starts with the first step. 


Saying YES is powerful.

​I began to see life as a Journey.  And I came to know how expansive I could be.  

Taking the journey of life with likeminded women gave me a profound respect for

the greatness within all of us.  I came to know the sanctity of being part of a 

Circle of "safe" women who were able to share life with true and deep generosity of heart.  

And so much opened up for me.

I have walked through the wilderness in Africa, sleeping without walls directly under the stars.

I have swum with Whalesharks at Ningaloo and posed for a photoshoot in the beautiful streets of Venice.

I have ridden a horse through the Belizian jungle and danced Burlesque to an audience in Colorado.

I've walked hand in hand through a Florida field chanting the precious songs of native Indian grandmothers.

I've sat under the nightsky desert while dreamtime stories and the didgeridoo carved their ancient vibrations

into my soul. 

And just so you know, I've also slipped over and skidded past what felt like every pro skier on the Remarkables snowfields before I even had my ski's on ... (the horror etched on the faces of my kids as I sailed past them, well you can imagine lol). 

Did I ever imagine I would do such things?  No of course not lol!   I'm just an ordinary woman. 

But when I began to say YES ...  these became some of the pages of my story.  And I am grateful, even for the last one haha.

How will you choose to fill the pages of your story?  

​Love Your Journey has been inspired as a soft space to rest, nourish, relax and rejuvenate.   Here you'll have time to

re-ignite your sense of curiosity, and bring that playfulness and joy back into focus.  Whether the journey you choose is big or small, the important thing is to allow it, for yourself.


And to be supported as you go.  I am forever grateful for those who have supported my journey, but especially to

my mother, grandmother and aunties who taught me the treasure of belonging.

And so it is my pleasure to provide space for you to belong, and to find your own version of freedom.   

Come Journey with us!

With Love

Jo xx




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