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I'm excited to welcome you here! 

You're here because you know its time to be inspired, curious

and creative about your own Self-Love and Self-Care practices.   

Too often its not our priority, but we all know that it should be! 

We schedule time for everything else, so why not our Joy?


Make a commitment to yourself.   It really is time to ...

Love Your Journey once again.

Jo x

My Story

I was born in Aotearoa.   The land of the long white cloud and an intrinsic Maori Culture.   New Zealand was the first country in the world to give women the right to vote, endorsing 3 female Prime Ministers since.


 I am a proud daughter of Ngati Kahungunu and Irish ancestry, and I grew in the arms of courage and love.

Beneath a heritage of strong women.


​When Australia became my home, the wide open spirit of her people was as big as the continent itself, and I learned another layer of open hearted generosity.


As families, careers and responsibilities become our journey and our joy, time for Self-Care is limited.

I cherished my life as a mum, but when my kids left home I decided my next season would be heart lead and intentional.​   And so I began to choose experiences that would expose more of my potential and provide a deeper sense of personal satisfaction.


​It quenched a thirst in me.​


​​Every adventure, big or small, starts with the first step. 


Saying YES is powerful.


​I never imagined I would walk through the Wilderness in Africa, or do a photo shoot in Venice.

Or sit in the sands of the Australian desert by night listening to dreamtime stories OR don a burlesque outfit and dance to a crowd!!    But I bit the bullet and said YES.

​And I'm grateful these are now some of the pages of my story.​   The gift of curiosity has kept me intrigued and open to life.


​Love Your Journey is inspired to support women to re-ignite their sense of curiosity and to flourish into the next season of life.


​Loving Your Journey is much more fun and accessible when shared with likeminded women.​  If not for those who walked before me and those who walked beside me encouraging me and cheering me on, I might have had less joy.


​So I want you to know,  you're invited ...


Come along ... you belong!


If you have a question or enquiry, please connect with us!